Ел. двигател 315 kW, 1000, В3, IP23, А400ХK-6

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The AHV series offers premium medium voltage motors with an IP23 protection rating. These innovative electric motors are designed for optimal efficiency, providing exceptional cooling through free air flow within the device. Their enhanced energy efficiency makes them an ideal choice for use in dry and clean environments.

These electric motors are distinguished by the following technical specifications:

- IP23 protection rating and IC01 cooling, ensuring effective and reliable operation.
- Insulation class F, suitable for temperatures up to 80°C, ensuring resilience and longevity.
- High-quality bearings from SKF or NSK, enhancing the reliability and durability of the product.
- Integrated PTC/PT100 sensors for winding protection and PT100 sensors for bearing protection, increasing safety and extending the motor's lifespan.

We also offer a variety of additional options upon request, such as:

- Operating voltage up to 10kV for specified applications.
- Customized projects, sizes, and specifications tailored to your unique needs.

All our motors are manufactured according to the IEC standard and are available in casings ranging from sizes 355 to 630, ensuring high quality and excellent performance. For further information and specialized requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

48670,00 лв 48670.0 BGN 48670,00 лв VAT Excluded

48670,00 лв VAT Excluded

Цена със запитване

  • Мощност
  • Обороти
  • Монтаж
  • Габарит
  • Степен на защита IP

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Атрибути Електродвигатели
Мощност 315kW
Обороти 1000
Монтаж B3 (IM1001)
Габарит 400
Други параметри
Степен на защита IP IP23